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When I saw Randall Lindsey at the Arizona-Sonora Commission event recently in Hermosillo, he shared with me how this organization works and I thought it was way cool, so I want to pass the word about them. They have a presence here in Puerto Penasco-Rocky Point. They help local families build a house! What he explained to me is that 1Mission and its supporters invest in families, who in turn have invested hundreds of hours of community service in their own local community.  In exchange for the local family’s personal investment in their own community, 1Mission partners with the local family, help to build them an entire house in just a few days.  That family invests with other families in their community to gain skills, teaching, etc, and simply sharing, then the word spreads throughout the neighborhoods that are in much need of education, information, training, skills, etc. How cool is this? Instead of handing them a "fish" (house), they learn to "fish" (build their own community together) so they can pass along the information and empower and lift each other up!

Check out their website: http://1mission.org/mission-trips/mexico