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No one enjoys getting a traffic ticket and in Mexico it can often be confusing, especially the cost of the citation.  Below is a short list of common violations and approx. cost.   As we know, many of the violations are sporadically enforced and extremely subjective to the officer involved, the situation itself and the person getting ticketed.  The most important thing to remember is that Mexico has traffic laws and if you break them the local authorities have the right to ticket you and you are responsible for paying the ticket.  Not being aware of a traffic law is not considered an excusable offense.  The below information is not to be considered legal advice in anyway.  The cost of the infractions is generally what they will run you in any given municipality in Mexico and not an exact amount.  Amounts are listed in dollars.  (Source:  Mexican Insurance Services, 2014)

Running a red light or stop sign - $23 - $69

Not using a seat belt - $25 - $46 

Using a cell phone while driving, driving while drinking, drinking in public require a fine.


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