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Watch this video of aerial videos and photos of Rocky Point

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If you like a drier climate where the "desert meets the ocean",
Puerto Peñasco-Rocky Point Real Estate is for you!
If you like where the "jungle meets the ocean"
Puerto Vallarta Real Estate is for you!

Ask for our FREE Report:  "How To Buy Mexico Real Estate"
Protect your interests, and have representation.
Real Estate in Rocky Point or Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
Get the facts. Make an informed decision. 
Mexico Mortgages Are Available

Rocky Point Seaside Realty & Mexican Beach Homes
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Mike Miller Oakdale Leader Articles

Please download the 34 page article my dad (Mike Miller) of many fishing stories he wrote for the Oakdale Leader in the 70's to 80's. What lakes had the fish! What lakes have certain fish! Who are the fisherman out there reporting to him! Enjoy!

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Puerto Peñasco Video From the OCV